Talking Tom Cat Free App

Recently, I have been using this free app all the time during speech therapy sessions with children- very young and older.  Everyone ends up laughing- it’s a great way to entice a reluctant child to participate. They love Tom the cat and often come to our next session asking for it! It is extremely motivating for encouraging children to vocalize, working to improve breath support for speech, and practicing saying sounds. I’ve even had kids who are working on high level language skills try to give the cat directions on how to follow a difficult task and then have the cat repeat back each direction or tell back parts of a story and the child pretends they are the teacher:)

Children can touch the cat  and it purrs. One aspect of the app I did not like is that when children touched it too hard, the cat reacted as if it were being hit and I didn’t want to joke around about that. I was quite pleased to discover in the settings section that that the “violence” feature could be turned off. Users can also change the setting for a longer listening time and record the cat for up to 45 seconds and then post the video on YouTube or send it in an email. Children can also interact with the cat and offer it a drink. Younger ones often respond well when asked to teach the cat to count to 10.  It helps them remember to speak slowly in small chunks.  There are also a few other talking friends available:)

Here is the iTunes link for Apple app…Click Here
Here is the link to download the Droid app.. Click here

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