Using Free Online Humorous Videos to Enhance Speech Therapy


Golden Loves Guitar

Mr. Bean Goes to the Swimming Pool( small ad first)

Mr Bean Goes to the Dentist

Two Dogs in a Restaurant

In past newsletters I mentioned quite a few drill and practice programs and apps that I frequently use to improve speech, language and cognition as well as more open-ended/creative products to work on goals such as initiation, turn taking, novel sentence formulation, asking questions, following directions and play.

I realize that not everyone has an iDevice. Today I want to share wtih you some free online videos I have been using in therapy. They can be accessed with an iDevice or just about any computer, tablet or Smartphone that has Internet access. I have selected them because they are generally just a few minutes long and involve humor. I generally watch the entire video once then pause it frequently to interact with my client on a wide variety of goals as we view it again.

Some goals I may have for this session may include:

  • Improving joint attention to a task
  • Naming items pictured or pointing to appropriate pictures on an AAC device or printed out
  • Formulating sentences to describe what they saw
  • Remembering details shown
  • Asking and answering questions about what happened on the video
  • Discussing displayed emotions and practice analyzing the perspective of others
  • Reflecting on other situations/scenarios peopel have encountered similar to the one pictured.
I’d love to hear from you if you have favorite humorous videos that you use as part of your therapy or just enjoy watching. I find that these videos keep sessions fun and interactive:) They provide a great source of material to stimulate conversation and progress toward goals:)

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