Grasshopper Apps

This week during one of my online coaching sessions I learned that I had not yet featured Grasshopper Apps. I was surprised because I feature them all the time in my workshops. They are wonderful!!! There is a wide selection of apps. There are apps to help with reading, speaking, math, comprehension, thinking, coordination, problem solving and creativity. The apps are very affordably priced- and many are free. The graphics are gorgeous- appropriate for kids or adults. They are all visually appealing and intuitive to use. The apps are all customizable so that they can be configured to meet the needs of the user. There are also some that work on functional skills- time and money. Many of them automatically get easier or harder depending on the accuracy of the responses.

It’s important when using these apps as well as others to extend the learning outside of the app. Find ways to carry over the newly learned skills in fun activities beyond the iPad or iPhone. Make sure to really take a look at all of the features so that you get the most out of the app- don’t just assume it is appropriate as it initially presents itself. The most effective therapists, teachers and parents adapt the app or the way it is used to best meet the needs of the individual.

I found myself using these apps all the time in therapy- with children as well as adults….

  • ABC Alphabet Phonics
  • Sight Words by Photo touch
  • Little Speller
  • Tell Time- Little Matchups Game
  • Kids Learning- Photo Touch Concepts
  • Count Money- Coin Matching Game for Kids
  • Telling Time- Photo Touch Game
  • Little Matchups- The Matching Game for Toddlers

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