Online Coaching with Joan Green, M.A. CCC-SLP: Learn from your home or office on a computer or tablet then share recorded sessions with others

The Internet is buzzing with lists of “best apps” , “app reviews” and blogs about the latest and greatest technologies. Which ones are right for you?

I have been doing more and more online coaching and can see it playing an increasingly large part of my private speech-language pathology practice. Innovative Speech Therapy has evolved quite a bit over the years. I used to have quite a few employees and I remember a discussion with one of them back in the 90s about how one of my goals was to help people from a distance and show them how technology could help them reach their goals faster. That time is here. I finally have the technology to turn this plan of mine into a reality.

Here is how it works:
1. Sign up– You register for a time slot at There are three areas on that site- one for workshops, one for webinars and one for online coaching. Select a date and time and register by paying with your credit card and answering a couple of questions. I ask what you want to learn and prepare for our session in advance to make the most of our time together. I can help as much or as little as you want and need. If one of the available time slots doesn’t work for you- email me at with some days and times and I’m sure we can work something out. Timing can be tricky for participants on the other side of the globe:)

2. Payment: Each clinical hour (50 min) costs $140.00. I do have a number of scholarships available for nonprofits and individuals who are unable to afford this price. Contact me to discuss your situation.

3. What you need to participate– We can have our session on the phone and talk- but it is much more effective when I can show you apps, software and online sites on your screen and how to use them. To do this, you need to have high speed internet access. Our session will work on a computer (PC or a MAC) or tablet (iPad or Android Tablet.) It will also work on a Smartphone- but the screen isn’t ideal- it is so small. We can arrange to see each other as we speak- or not. To hear each other we can use VOIP (speak and listen thru the computer or tablet if you download a small program), use a phone (it may be long distance for you) or Skype (free but you have to have an account.)

I have special screen sharing software that I use that is very high quality and have a way to show you iPad apps in action. I now have thousands of iDevice apps and will pre-select the ones I think are best for you. I also have an Android tablet- but not as many apps. You don’t have to download any software unless you want to speak thru the computer or see images of me on my webcam which really isn’t needed. If you want to use your iPad or Android tablet for this session you will have to download a free app. Prior to our session I would ask that you make sure you have enough bandwidth and no firewall issues. I will give you guidance on how to do that.

4. Content of our discussion– One of the questions you will need to answer during the registration process will be what you most want to learn. It is helpful for me if you type in the text box a bit about your situation- the technology tools you have such as a computer or tablet and which type- the goals you are working on- what you have already tried and what you would like to see. Many of you realize you don’t know what you don’t know and may just leave the bulk of the content up to me to decide. I will spend time in advance selecting the technology tools that I think you may find the most helpful.

5. Participants- Up to 3 people can participate on your end. It could be more- but then it is more of a customized presentation/webinar than brainstorming/coaching session. Each person can be in his/her own home or office- there is no need to be in one location. Participants may be family members living in different parts of the country, therapists, educators or anyone else who is interested. It’s fine if the individual with the challenges is online- but this is not a therapy session and should not be considered as such. I am only licensed to provide speech therapy in MD, VA and DC. If you live in one of those states I may be able to provide distance therapy- otherwise I am just coaching participants about what I have found to be helpful with others in similar situations.

6. Recording– After the session, I will provide the participants the ability to view the recorded session for up to 2 weeks. If desired, I can also send a link with the ability to view the recorded session to a few other individuals who are involved. It’s often hard to get everyone together at one time for a live coaching session- and this way people can watch it at a time more convenient to them. It’s a great way to share information about strategies for using the selected apps and other technology tools to work with a specific individual toward selected goals.

7. Professional Development/ Fundraising – This coaching scenario is also ideal for professionals who are looking for affordable ways to learn more about using technology to help their students/clients/patients. There is a different fee structure- but the concept is the same. For large groups of people I can turn it into a webinar- many people can be online at the same time from different locations. I have worked with private speech pathology practices, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, vocational re-entry programs, recreational therapists, special educators, occupational therapists, tutors, neuropsychologists, graduate school professors, aphasia groups, state speech pathology associations and advocacy groups. I customize a presentation for all who can participate live- from any location- then record it and make it available for viewing when convenient. It is a great way to offer continuing education opportunities. Organizations can even use it to raise money for their organization:) Contact me at or 1-800- IST-2550 / 301-602-2899 to discuss how this would work in your situation.

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