Splashtop Apple App

December 14, 2010

I work with quite a few children and adults who have cognitive challenges or limb apraxia and have difficulty using a mouse. It’s very helpful for me if I can provide them with direct access using a touch screen , but a touch screen computer is not always available. The touch screen on the iDevices such as the iPad is wonderful, but sometimes I want to be working on software that only can be used on a Windows computer.

The Splashtop Apple app which sells in the iTunes store for $1.99 can turn the iPad ( or iPhone of iPod Touch) into a touchscreen device for programs that run on a Windows based computer. It turns into a remote desktop.
I can then have my clients touch the screen on my iPad while working on software to help with language and cognition.

With the help of the Splashtop Apple app I can also watch Flash based videos and access my entire PC from my iPad or iTouch.